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Latest Articles

Vines in Rhineland Pfalz vandalised

Owners of a Schweigen winery woke up on Wednesday to find some of their most valuable vines had been sprayed with diesel.

González Byass sees a bright future ahead for sweet Sherry

González Byass has brought the traditional production of Pedro Ximénez back to the Sherry region, using age-old methods for making sweet wines.

Chilean wine comes out of the cold in the US market

Chilean wines have been stuck with a low-cost image in the US market and sales have struggled in the past decade. But as consumers look for value, Chile’s star is rising.

US loses its shine for German wine producers

For years German wines struggled to get respect in the coveted US market. Finally, Germany gained traction – and then came the Trump tariffs and Covid-19. Valerie Kathawala looks at what happened next.

In praise of wine typicity

Robert Joseph finds he’s changed his mind on the question of changing wine styles.

Wine solves a problem for Hollywood

In a world where cinemas are shuttered and Netflix is cheap, how do you get people to stream new movies? You offer them wine. W. Blake Gray has the story.

ProWine Shanghai to go ahead as planned

The wine trade is coming back to life, with wine fairs appearing once again.

Surging demand for low- and no-alcohol wines

Lockdowns have seen consumers grapple with their relationship to alcohol. Many of them are choosing no-alcohol products instead. James Lawrence looks at the rise of alcohol-free sparkling wine.

What’s the problem with celebrity wines?

Celebrity wines are proliferating on retail shelves. Is this a good or a bad thing? Robert Joseph offers some thoughts.

Reports of Champagne's demise greatly exaggerated

Reports suggest that Champagne has had a harrowing year. But, says James Lawrence, there are bright spots in some markets.

The results of MUNDUS VINI revealed

The summer tasting of MUNDUS VINI went ahead under strict conditions and the judges were wowed by the increasing diversity and quality of the world of wine.

A new financial service for wine traders

A new service called VINPay is designed to pay wine producers faster while allowing buyers to hold on to their cash longer.

Spanish grape growers halt their harvest strike

As Spanish grape prices plunged, growers halted their harvest. While they are back at work today, the Spanish wine sector remains gripped by crisis. Barnaby Eales reports.

US wineries cannot sue for bad reviews

A landmark US judgement has agreed that, yes, US customers can leave bad reviews. Jeff Siegel has the story.

The grape of things to come

Wine grapes are under threat from a combination of climate change and a rising backlash again the use of fungicides. Robert Joseph looks at the thorny question of hybrids and wonders if there isn’t a better solution.