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Latest Articles

Back to the fair

After a two-year break, the major wine trade fairs are all reopening their doors. How will exhibitors and visitors react?

Produced from thin air - the mystery of Russian wine

Russia grows sufficient grapes and imports enough bulk to produce three quarters of the wine and brandy labeled as ‘Russian’. Despite recent legislation, it is not clear where the remaining 25 percent comes from. The picture is further complicated by the blurred line between spirits and wine production in Russia. Meininger’s investigates

Are the days of cheap shipping over?

The cost of transporting products across the world rose tenfold during the pandemic. They have fallen since then, but remain higher than in 2019. What are the prospects for the future?

St Emilion, a playground for lawyers

No other appellation or classification in France or elsewhere rivals St Emilion in the creation of regular disputes between estate owners and the authorities, and each other. And, as the most recent verdict by the Bordeaux court against the INAO reveals, nothing has changed.

Minimum pricing - the model for the future?

Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada and Russia all have some form of minimum prices for alcohol, and the UK is about to link excise duty to alcoholic strength. Is this a trend that others will follow?

Wine fights to maintain its 'share of throat'

The line between wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks and alternatives is becoming increasingly blurred - as Coca Cola and Constellation are demonstrating. Robert Joseph has his own opinion on the subject.

New UK wine taxes will lead to higher prices

British wine professionals have just over the weeks to dissuade their government from introducing new duty rates that will complicate the market and raise prices for consumers.

France loses one in six wine estates over a decade

Every day, three French grape growers or winemakers decides to give up working as an independent enterprise. What are the implications for the industry?

Southern hemisphere set for 'average' 2022 harvest, but supply chain delays and inflation are concerns

Global bulk wine specialists, Ciatti, report early expectations of good volumes of wine being produced in South America, Australia and South Africa, but note worries about inflation, supply-chain delays and potential shortages of white wine.

St Emilion producer teams up with fictional gangster in Bordeaux pop up shop

Chateau Angelus has featured in two Bond movies. The owner of some rather humbler St Emilion estates has created a rather different link with a popular British TV series

What fresh hell is this? Wine that tastes of cookies?

Robert Joseph shares his thoughts on the coming together in a bottle of the world's biggest wine and cookie brands.

UK wine business face additional new Brexit challenges in 2022

According to a recent report in the Financial Times, three quarters of Britain’s smaller importers are not prepared for new post-Brexit EU border regulations that come into force on January 1, 2022. These will, according to 2019 estimates by the UK government involve nearly 200m extra customs declarations.

Good behaviour – how companies treat their employees matters as much as how they treat their vines

While environmental concerns are getting greater attention, as Jacopo Mazzeo reveals, modern consumers increasingly care about how companies behave.

Italy’s least-well-known giant wine business invests in Veneto

The large cooperative has opened a new facility with a production capacity of 4m bottles.

The Sweet Treasures of Austria

Legends of Gold: The sweet treasures of Austria are modern wines for contemporary tastes, but centuries of illustrious tradition have made the country’s “liquid gold” legendary.

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