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Latest Articles

The winners of the German Sparkling Wine Award announced

Germany’s top sparkling wines were honoured at an online ceremony this week.

The Chinese market flatlines

A new report from Wine Intelligence confirms that wine sales in China have fallen. There are, however, some market bright spots.

Covid-19 hotspots flare in Rioja

Spain’s tourism sector has been hit hard by Covid-19 and now Rioja has another problem on its hands. James Lawrence reports.

As France’s wine industry contracts, an incalculable cultural loss

Every year, the number of French vineyards and wineries falls, as people retire or exit the business. Robert Joseph asks what can be done to reinvigorate the sector.

Bordeaux faces its wine oversupply

To stay competitive, Bordeaux is cutting wine production and focusing on better quality and marketing. Panos Kakaviatos reports.

Schloss Johannisberg and the story of Riesling

Three hundred years ago this year, a far-sighted noble decided to plant a vineyard with just one grape – Riesling. It was a decision that changed wine history. Ilka Lindemann has the story.

How to get consumers to pay more for their wines

The expensive rosés now appearing on the market are following a time-honoured strategy. Robert Joseph explores the psychology of pricing.

International wine fraud ring uncovered in Spain

Spain’s media are reporting that an international ring of conspirators was uncovered by Spanish authorities earlier this month. Their crimes include adultering wine and spirits. 

When witches went after wine

Wine is under plenty of stress right now, between taxes, falling exports and the loss of the on-trade. At least modern winemakers don’t have to contend with the supernatural. Jeff Siegel reports.

Leadership changes at Château Lafite Rothschild

The properties of Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) have new technical directors.

A very serious discussion about wine advertising

Wine advertising is lacking in humour, asks Robert Joseph. He thinks it’s time that marketers lightened up.

South Africa’s wine industry faces collapse

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress party has slapped a ban on the domestic sale of alcohol. This, plus the loss of wine tourism, threatens to cripple the wine industry, says Michael Fridjhon.

Château Climens releases dry white

As the market for noble sweet wine declines, winemakers in places as diverse as Tokaj and Sauternes are experimenting with dry wines. James Lawrence reports on the latest chateau to experiment with dry wines.

Wine trash – new uses for old garbage

Not all garbage is garbage, at least in the wine business – because wine garbage can be turned into new products, thanks to recycling and upcycling. Christine Neubecker has the story.

For and against the clean wine trend

Cameron Diaz has just released a ‘clean’ wine and a debate has followed. Robert Joseph agrees with the critics. Up to a point.