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Latest Articles

Prosecco drives sparkling profits to new heights

Henkell Freixenet, the world’s largest sparkling wine company, had a windfall year in 2019. Can this growth in the sparkling market continue in 2020? CEO Dr Andreas Brokemper talks to Felicity Carter.

Chinese consumers change their wine habits

When the on trade shuttered, observers expected Chinese wine consumption to drop. A new report reveals that the lockdown may instead have brought a whole new group to wine. 

How the pandemic could re-shape the on-trade

If major corporations begin to re-think their need for office space, the restaurants and bars of the big cities could be in trouble. Robert Joseph asks what this means for the on-trade wine scene.

Top Spanish winemaker embraces direct-to-consumer selling

Is the pandemic pushing Spanish wineries in new directions? James Lawrence looks at the new initiative from Spanish icon winemaker Alvaro Palacios.

Italian winemakers see trouble ahead

The Italian investment bank Mediobanca has released its annual survey of Italian wine companies and the mood is gloomy.

Bar Convent Berlin 2020 to take place online

The international trade fair for the bar and beverage industry is going digital.

Cava, in crisis, moves to limit production

Grape yields for Cava production are to fall by double digit numbers, to limit production. Barnaby Eales has the story.

Australian Chardonnay is back

For a while, the rich, ripe style of Chardonnay from Australia’s inland regions was an unfashionable as shoulder pads and big hair. But the fashion wheel has turned again, says James Lawrence.

In defence of wine influencers

Nothing seems to stir up as much passion as "influencers", particularly the Instagram variety. Robert Joseph asks why all the fuss – they do, after all, have a role to play.

Rosé Prosecco has been approved

A new category of wine is about to hit the shelves – Prosecco DOC Rosé. 

Fine wine after the pandemic

Pauline Vicard from ARENI Global talks to international experts inside and outside the world of fine wine and looks at the impact of Covid-19.

The wine unicorns are (not) coming

Predictions about the post-pandemic environment are many and varied. Robert Joseph asks whether there will be a widespread return to the small and artisanal.

The start-up disrupting wine carbon offsets

The carbon offset market has been plagued by corruption and other problems. One New Zealand company is making offsets transparent and easy. Jason Sych reports.

The impact of the pandemic on German wine producers

A new report from Geisenheim University charts the impact of the novel coronavirus on Germany’s wine sector - and the news is grim. Felicity Carter looks at the winners and losers.

New ways to get wine into consumer hands

The days of consumer wine tastings are over for the time being. What can the wine trade do instead to get consumers to sample something new? Robert Joseph has some thoughts.