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Latest Articles

Pixelate your wine business

Jason Sych discovers a simple Facebook tool that has helped one wine retailer to increase sales by 30%.

Louis Roederer Champagne to buy Diamond Creek Vineyards

Roederer is about to add another gem, Diamond Creek Vineyards in Napa Valley, to its sparkling portfolio.

How much do you need to know about a wine?

How much do you need to know about something in order to enjoy it? Robert Joseph reflects on a time of low knowledge, high appeal.

Bourgogne celebrates a successful 2019, despite market uncertainty

The winegrowers of Bourgogne had a solid sales year in 2019, in the face of plenty of international turmoil.

Do you want to sell your wine in Germany?

If you booked a stand at ProWein 2020 with a view to introducing your wine into Germany, you now have another opportunity at no extra cost.

The question of wine spitting

Spitting is a critical wine skill that consumers need to learn. But it’s also digusting and unhygienic. Felicity Carter asks what the wine trade should do.

Portuguese retailer creates a substitute online fair

The cancellation of ProWein is leading to a proliferation of virtual tastings. One Portuguese retailer has created an entire virtual event. Jason Sych reports.

No ProWein in 2020

The next edition of ProWein will take place in 2021.

Making the wine industry attractive to the next generation

How can wine attract a new generation of viticulturists, winemakers and data specialists? Andreas Clark, CEO of Wine Australia has some thoughts. He spoke to Felicity Carter.

Santa Margherita has a new CEO

Beniamino Garofalo from Milan has been appointed the new CEO of Santa Margherita, a top ten Italian wine company.

German wine exports rose, but so did uncertainties

Last year saw higher volumes of German wines heading to overseas markets. But the news was mixed.

Stranded in Düsseldorf?

After the postponement of ProWein rocked the wine world, a group of winemakers decided they will head to Düsseldorf anyway.

Wine in the time of coronavirus

Trade fairs postponed, flights cancelled, tastings shuttered. Robert Joseph asks if now is a good time to re-think the way the wine trade does business.

Vinitaly has been postponed

Vinitaly, the annual Italian wine fair, has been postponed until June 2020.

How reliable are wine judges?

Do judges of different ages, sexes and nationalities score wines the same way, or is consistent judging an impossibility? One competition organiser has some preliminary evidence. Felicity Carter reports.