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Latest Articles

Taking exception to wine exceptionalism

How exceptional a product is wine? And if it is exceptional, what are the market implications? Robert Joseph weighs in.

Three wine writers walk into a webinar

Where will the next generation of wine writers come from? What skills do they need to succeed? And what are the arguments for and against scores? Felicity Carter listens to three top wine writers thrash out the issues.

The Austrian answer to the vineyard worker shortage

Coronavirus has brought Austria soaring unemployment but taken its seasonal workers. Jason Sych reports on a program aimed at solving the problem.

An old wine company shares strategies for a new reality

Henkell Freixenet has seen it all – the Great Depression, two world wars, and globalisation. Felicity Carter speaks to CEO Dr Brokemper about how the wine trade can navigate the pandemic.

Time to reboot Bordeaux’s En Primeur

April is En Primeur month, when the world’s wine critics flock to Bordeaux to taste and rate. Not this year. Robert Joseph says maybe it’s a good time for a rethink.

An updated calendar of online wine events

Online wine get-togethers are flourishing, as people move their social life online. If you're running an online wine event, please tell us - and here are the ones we already know about.

How Alto Adige went high

How does an entire region shift its focus to quality? Jason Sych learns more about Cantina Tramin in Italy.

Wine lessons from a past epidemic

The 2003 SARS epidemic hit China’s wine trade hard. While some companies collapsed, others came out stronger. Ian Ford speaks to Felicity Carter about what he saw.

Time for the wine industry to plan ahead

Almost everyone has more time on their hands right now. Robert Joseph looks at some tried and tested ways to use it productively.

Feudo Arancio’s assets confiscated

More than €70m worth of assets have been provisionally seized from Sicilian winery Feudo Arancio, after an anti-mafia action.

A new wine group emerges in Russia

Two Russian billionaires have been snapping up important wine assets. Eugene Gerden reports.

Wine industry hit by double whammy

First came the US tariffs, then came coronavirus. Jason Sych talks to industry professionals to get a sense of how the wine industry is faring.

Consumers turn to wine as pandemic bites

Wine retailers in key markets are seeing a surge in wine buying. Felicity Carter reports.

A tribute to Michael Broadbent

Robert Joseph remembers Michael Broadbent MW, who led an extraordinary life in wine.

What the wine trade needs to know about quarantine

Going into lockdown presents specific challenges for the wine trade. But there are tried and tested ways to deal with them. Felicity Carter reports.