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Latest Articles

South African wine exports to resume

After the wine industry lobbied South Africa’s government, it agreed – once again – to allow exports.

A wine bottle that’s flat out different

Jason Sych puts the flat wine bottle through its paces, to see if it does what its creator promises it can do.

Brazilians treat themselves to wine during lockdown

As elsewhere, Brazilians are drinking wine during lockdown. But more of them are turning to WhatsApp for their supply. Felicity Carter reports.

There is no shame in wineries asking for help

Robert Joseph says that struggling wineries have nothing to lose by talking to their customers.

Naked launches a $5m fund to buy wine

The ever-controversial Naked Wines has announced it will buy wine from struggling winemakers. Not everybody is convinced.

The coronavirus impact on wine "probably irreversible" without dramatic action

This week, the Organisation for Vine and Wine livestreamed its annual press conference from Paris. The news was sombre. Felicity Carter reports.

South African wine industry facing devastation

The South African government has banned domestic wine sales and shut down wine exports, leaving the industry haemorrhaging money. Felicity Carter reports.

French wineries consider how to keep the wine economy alive

Wine producers in the South of France are feeling the bite of lost orders and falling revenue. Jason Sych speaks to two estates about how they’re coping.

Why wine movies keep falling flat

Robert Joseph considers Uncorked, Netflix's new movie, and wonders if film-makers have missed something fundamental about wine.

Up to a third of Australian wineries in peril

Australian wineries have been hit by bushfires, extreme weather and coronavirus restrictions, all in quick succession.

A chance to see a different side of Italian wine icons

A new initiative from the Italian Wine Podcast takes viewers directly into the homes of top Italian wine personalities.

Is French wine the greatest in the world?

Once upon a time, France was the undisputed monarch of the wine world. Today, its vineyard area is shrinking, and vignerons are retiring. Felicity Carter listens to two experts speaking about the state of French wine today.

Can virtual wine tastings be saved?

Social media has been running hot with criticisms of virtual wine tastings. The problem? They’re boring. Robert Joseph suggests some solutions.

US wine sales surged in March

Queues round the block and astonishing sales spikes – American consumers are buying wine at a furious rate. But how long will this continue?

Familia Torres uses 3D printers in battle against coronavirus

Familia Torres has joined a local initiative to get personal protection equipment to health facilities.