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Latest Articles

Bordeaux plans a turnaround

The vignerons of Bordeaux have been hit very hard by a number of things at once. Allen Sichel from the CIVB tells Felicity Carter what they plan to do about it.

A promising new treatment against fungal diseases

Thorvald, a robot equipped with ultraviolet lamps, is slaying fungus wherever it goes. James Lawrence says this could be a game-changer for viticulture.

The wine innovation that deserves more attention

Screwcaps and wine cans have offered consumers new and easier ways to get acquainted with wine. It’s time the Bag-in-Box got just as much respect, says Robert Joseph.

The 2020 Hungarian WebWineWriting award is now open

A four-day trip to Hungary is up for grabs, thanks to the 2020 Hungarian WebWineWriting award, now open for entries. If you’re a wine writer, read on for details of how to enter.

US producers face wine can shortage

The US market has seen sales of canned wines exploding, as consumers can’t get enough of them. This has led to a slowdown in the supply of the cans. Jeff Siegel reports.

French luxury company takes majority stake in Folio Fine Wine Partners

EPI Wine & Champagne Division has bought a majority stake in Napa Valley’s Folio Fine Wine Partners.

Time for the wine trade to take action

Virus flare-ups, tariffs, mass unemployment. While nobody can predict the future, the indicators are grim. Felicity Carter has some suggestions.

Many great Bordeaux estates embrace biodynamics

News broke this week that Château Fonplegade had become certified biodynamic. It’s only the latest of many fine estates to have embraced the approach, as André Dominé explains.

Champagne houses embrace direct selling

In an historic move, Philipponnat has announced that it is creating an online sales portal. Other Champagne houses are also creating direct-to-consumer sites. James Lawrence reports.

Château Fonplegade goes biodynamic

Château Fonplegade joins a growing number of top Bordeaux chateaux that are turning to biodynamic farming. 

The real cost of wine

How much does it cost to produce a bottle of wine? And, more importantly, should those costs be transparent? Robert Joseph weighs in.

Wines of the borderless south

A tasting of wines from France's southern regions uncovered more than 100 gems. Now, you can discover them too.

What’s holding up wine shipping in the US?

It’s been 15 years since the US Supreme Court voted to allow interstate wine sales. Yet out-of-state commerce is still stuck. Jeff Siegel asks why.

Les Caves de Pyrene turns to exports

As sales collapse in London, leading artisanal wine company Les Caves de Pyrene is forging ahead with plans to launch a new export arm. Barnaby Eales reports.

The (often) overlooked way to make money in wine

It seems so obvious that it’s almost not worth mentioning – to make money, you have to make sales. And yet, says Robert Joseph, the wine trade rarely thinks about who is doing the selling.