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Latest Articles

Mittelrhein strikes gold at Best of Riesling

Organising a major wine competition isn’t easy in the middle of a pandemic. But the results show how the world of Riesling is evolving.

On mixing wine and politics

Many people were horrified to find out how many members of the US wine industry donated to the party of Trump. Wait a minute, says Robert Joseph

Australia maps the march of climate change

The University of Tasmania has just launched its Climate Atlas, to help the Australian wine industry understand how climate change will affect the wine industry this century.

Wine’s inside information

How will consumers react to back labels that list wine ingredients? A group of researchers went and asked them. Felicity Carter reports.

Russia explores its indigenous grape treasures

Igor Serdyuk says Russian winemakers have become more interested in the possibilities offered by their indigenous and hybrid grapes.

The Master of Pall Mall

An interview with Ronan Sayburn MS by Robert Joseph.

Wine wizards of Oz

Jeni Port identifies Australia’s most notable wine stores, many of which are proud of their international ranges.

The colour of money is pink

Robert Joseph looks at the unstoppable rise of the rosé category and its connection with a colour called Pale Dogwood.

The big pivot

The pandemic has meant that only those with imagination will survive, says Robert Joseph.

Wineries explain the fallout from Covid-19

Although wine sales have been strong in relation to other retail categories, the world of wine has still been hit hard by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Wineries with no distribution through retail have been particularly hard hit. Jason Sych asks four wineries how they have navigated the crisis.

The showman - an interview with Joe Fattorini

Joe Fattorini, star of The Wine Show, is one of the wine world’s most accomplished communicators. He explains to Felicity Carter how he does it.

Aromas from the Rhône Valley

In the scramble to supply consumers with the rosés they want, too many winemakers have forgotten one thing – the aroma. One wine is changing that.

Casablanca grows up

Eduardo Brethauer charts the rise of Casablanca in Chile, which is navigating a quality revolution alongside water and labour shortages.

A group of naturalistas embrace certification

It wasn’t so long ago that natural winemakers were the rebels of the wine world. Now, says Simon J. Woolf, a significant group is embracing the strictest of standards.