Half full or Half Empty? Selling New World Wines in Germany

New World brands have been important to the German wine market. They anticipated trends and helped to set new stylistic benchmarks. Today, this is only partly true, but the strongest brands are still doing well, as Clemens Gerke discovers.

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'Better for you' - the new category for wine

US researchers have discovered that age and sex drives wine drinkers' attitudes towards how grapes are grown and that a surprising number of professionals believe calories and carbohydrates to be important too.


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February 4th Newsletter

Gift boxes for Bordeaux, a 70 year-old Australian wine retailer being repackaged as the Greatest Showman, Greece's top white grape and the Polish wine market. Just a few of the stories in this week's newsletter, introduced by editor at large, Robert Joseph

The Polish wine market

It is said that a wine consumer usually develops in one direction - upwards. In fact, this means that hardly anyone returns to lower quality wines. Does this unwritten rule also apply to the Polish consumer? Patrycja Siwiec considers the way wine is consumed in Poland.

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Greece: Assyrtiko, the rising star

Some grape varieties that are representative of an entire wine country. Shiraz and Australia, Sauvignon Blanc and New Zealand, of course, Riesling and Germany. As a contender for the title of Greece's best-known grape variety, one variety in particular has become the talk of the town in recent years: Assyrtiko. Alexandra Wrann reports.

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Gift Boxes - A Welcome Move for Wine?

Château Phélan-Ségur has just announced the creation of a pair of gift boxes, following the lead of Champagne, but breaking ranks with most other Bordeaux estates.

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Selling the man behind the Dan Murphy's retail brand

Dan Murphy's, Australia's best-known wine retailer is 70 years old. A new advertising campaign seeks to humanise the brand and set it apart from its competitors. Robert Joseph reports.

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Interview with Charles Smith

Former rock group manager, Washington State winemaker Charles Smith released his first vintage – of just 330 cases - in 2001. Over the next 13 years, he was named Winemaker of the Year by three publications, including the Wine Enthusiast, and his eye-catchingly labeled and full-flavoured wines had become pat of the US wine landscape. In 2016, he sold five of his brands to Constellation for $120m. WEINWIRTSCHAFT asked him a few questions. 

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FUTUREWATCH: Critic Publishers

As the number of subscription-funded online wine reviewers grows, questions are being asked about the generosity and integrity of some of their scores. Robert Joseph reports