Icons with feet on the ground

Jancis Robinson MW OBE has sold her website to Recurrent Media, a venture capital business. Robert Joseph looks back at the many years of work that led up to this sale – and sees surprising parallels between the British wine critic and a global rock icon.

Future wine land

Some of the world’s most prestigious winemakers list five top regions for making wine in the future.

L.M. Archer has the details.

Becky Wasserman – A lengthy and entirely personal tribute

Robert Joseph, who worked for Becky Wasserman over two years in the early 1980s adds his reflections to the many tributes that have been paid to this Burgundian pioneer

Barolo and Brassieres

Robert Joseph takes a sideways look at the parallels between underwear and wine.

Italy's biggest companies

Mediobanca publishes its ranking of Italy's largest wine and spirits companies.

History didn't end

Robert Joseph sees a connection between global political trends and the evolution of the wine industry.

The new state of international logistics

An analysis by winebroker Angelo Cotrone from Ciatti.

Pinot Noir migrates north

Winegrowers are feeling the effects of climate change particularly keenly. In just decades – or even as soon as a few years – certain grape varieties will no longer be able to be cultivated in many regions. The heat-sensitive Pinot Noir is one of them. 
James Lawrence searches for the Pinot Noir regions of the future.

Making wine is not enough

Some wine producers resent the time and effort required to promote and sell their wine. Robert Joseph suggests that this is an attitude that will have to change.