Revolution in Rioja

Small bodegas are changing the image of Rioja, often focusing on traditional techniques and specific regions rather than blends.

David Schwarzwälder reports.

Why a profitable wine industry needs 'Red Teamers' and Devils Advocates

Robert Joseph explains why he often finds himself taking a different position to many other members of the industry.

Ten reasons why English Sparkling Wine is not the new New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Most wine writers presume that English Sparkling wine is destined for international success. Indeed, some have compared the young industry to the one that sprang up in New Zealand in the 1980s. Robert Joseph has his doubts. 

Teething troubles for English Wine

The vibrant young English wine industry has been hit by Post-Brexit and Covid costs, labour shortages and severe export hurdles. A rise in domestic sales has helped soften the blow. Barnaby Eales has the story.

New international sustainability organisation sets ambitious goals

A group of global players want to develop a worldwide standard. This is welcome, says Alexandra Wrann, but the task may not be straightforward.

Not what you thought

Robert Joseph considers the export competition between South Africa's raisins, grapes and wine - and the surprisingly low average price of wine in the UK.

Organic wine: a focus for the Old World 

Comparative analysis by Agence Bio/ISWR and Meininger’s of organic wine production and consumption reveals that becoming a certified producer is of greater appeal in the Europe and the US than in other parts of the New World.

Feudo Antico

Archeo-Oenology in the Heart of Abruzzo

Pulling back the veil: What’s the secret of post-pandemic wine sales? 

Your customers might love your wine, but they likely don’t understand the unique wine industry challenges you’ve faced throughout the pandemic. Being transparent about these issues can help you build stronger connections with consumers - which can help you boost sales. Marketing expert Toni Scott talks about transparency in customer relationships.