Feudo Antico

Archeo-Oenology in the Heart of Abruzzo

Pulling back the veil: What’s the secret of post-pandemic wine sales? 

Your customers might love your wine, but they likely don’t understand the unique wine industry challenges you’ve faced throughout the pandemic. Being transparent about these issues can help you build stronger connections with consumers - which can help you boost sales. Marketing expert Toni Scott talks about transparency in customer relationships.

Maybe they can can

Robert Joseph admits to having underestimated the sales potential of natural wine, and draws parallels with the way others may prematurely make similar mistakes when considering the future of other recent arrivals on the wine scene.

Big Isn't All Bad

'Small is Beautiful' ia a widely-held belief, while 'Big Wine' is demonised. Robert Joseph wonders whether this is fair.

Prosecco or Prošek? Italy and Croatia at loggerheads in the EU

Italy's wine authorities are in a frenzy over Croatia's efforts to gain official recognition for the name of its traditional sweet wine.

Premium Red Wines from Austria

Austria has long excelled with its succulent, lusciously sweet botrytized wines and chiselled, crisp, dry white wines. Now, international fine wine critics and sommeliers at fine dining restaurants around the world are giving Austrian red wines increasing attention. 

Second Smallest French Wine Harvest?

Latest estimates place the 2021 harvest at the lower end of previous expectations.

Who’s Who in Brazil

Despite the impact of Covid 19, this giant South American market has recorded the highest growth over the last year. Marcelo Capello, Brazil's leading wine commentator provides insights into the people who make this happen.

Vintage, non-vintage and multi-vintage.

Roederer has decided to stop making non-vintage Champagne. Instead, it has announced that it will produce multi-vintage wine. Robert Joseph considers the pros and cons of making wines that reflect the character of the year, and the lessons Champagne could teach the rest of the wine world