Devil's Advocate - Bordeaux - the Rich Get Richer, While the Poor Uproot Their Vines

Robert Joseph looks beyond the financially attractive top Grands Crus Classés, at the far less successful mass of Bordeaux and its sub-appellations where large swathes of vines are due to be uprooted.

Reading time: 5m

Devil's Advocate #2 - World Cup Sofa Spectators and Screwcap Evangelists

A brief, wry note penned by Robert Joseph, while simultaneously watching England play Wales in the World Cup and idly following an online argument about wine closures.

Reading time: 35s

Is Zero-Alcohol Wine, 'Wine'? And Why Does it Matter?

There are moves to bring dealcoholised wine into the same legislation as conventional wine, and big brand owners are introducing zero-alc versions of their existing ones. Robert Joseph wonders if this is wise for the wine sector in general.

Reading time: 2m 45s

Devil's Advocate - Amphoras are in Fashion, but not as Simple as they Seem

Robert Joseph reports from a fascinating conference session in Milan on amphora.

Reading time: 5m

Devil's Advocate - Was the 1970s the Greatest Decade in the History of Wine?

Fifty years ago, as the world approached the end of 1972, and headlines focused on an ongoing bloody conflict in Asia rather than Eastern Europe, the wine industry bore little resemblance to the one we take for granted today. Reviewing that decade, Robert Joseph argues that it marked the flowering of modern wine.

Reading time: 5m 15s

Devil's Advocate - It Isn't Easy Being Green

Switch to lighter glass, say the wine media. Give us commercially appealing packaging say the customers. Robert Joseph considers the challenges facing 21st century producers.

Reading time: 2m 30s

Devil's Advocate - Value or Price?

Robert Joseph considers the question of what any bottle of wine is actually worth? 

Reading time: 2m 15s

Devil's Advocate - Tough(er) Times Ahead

The wine industry is only just recovering from the pandemic. Now Robert Joseph, playing Cassandra rather than his usual Devil's Advocate, suggests that the wine industry is facing tough financial headwinds. The only hope is of China coming to the rescue, but that's far from certain.

Reading time: 4m

Devil's Advocate - Sex and Wine: the (not so) Sweet Smell of Covid

Wine tasters rely on the reliability and accuracy of their sense of smell. How many, Robert Joseph wonders, have been impaired by the pandemic.

Reading time: 4m 15s