More alcohol

The world's red wines have become increasingly alcoholic over the decades. While the extent differs from region to region, the general trend is upwards. An overview of the top red wine origins.

Finca Las Moras

Breaking Rules and Setting New Trends.

Don’t call it rosé

Rosé wine is a veritable megatrend in the wine world. Growth can be seen in almost all markets. Clarete with its rosy guise, fits perfectly into this development. But beware: Clarete is its own style of wine. Darren Smith says we will be hearing a lot more about it.

What they’re drinking in Québec

Natural Wine is the hottest trend in La belle Province. But they represent only a small part of consumption.

Michaela Morris researched what distinguishes Quebeckers and their drinking habits.

Constellation on the German market and its future focus 

Constellation Brands is the second-largest wine company in the world and has been consistently focused on the "super-premium" segment for some time. Where is the US wine giant headed? An interview with the responsible key managers.

Bordeaux becomes largely more expensive

More and more Bordeaux châteaux are announcing their en primeur prices for the new vintage.

Expensive world trade

Container shipping and logistics heavily affected by Corona.

The year of no- and low-alcohol wine?

While still lagging behind the more successful beer and spirits categories, global demand for no- and low-alcohol wine is on the rise. As the EU readies to reform de-alcoholised wine production, the European wine industry takes stock of future opportunities for the no- and low-alcohol wine category. Jacopo Mazzeo reports.

Who's Who in Australia 

Australia as a wine country is going through some rough times with Covid-19 and the trade war with China. But the industry seems to be on a good way.

Time for James Lawrence to give a tour through the who's who in Australian wine business.