Marketing & Wine tourism

The power of metrics

The beauty of social media marketing is that the payoff can be measured. Jeff Siegel tracks three examples.

The Spice Route to market

South Africa’s Charles Back created a wine tourism template at Fairview that has been hugely influential. Michael Fridjhon explains.

Tour(ism) de Bordeaux

Consumers no longer just drink wine — they also make pilgrimages to its origins. As Roger Morris reports, Bordeaux’s efforts are burnishing the region’s reputation.

The eyes have it

Neuroscientific research is demonstrating what good designers have always known – the right label can sell the wine. Michele Shah looks at the work of Simonetta Doni.

Tower of Wine

When it opened in 2016, the big question around the Cité du Vin was whether the visitors would come. Sophie Kevany assesses the result.  

Wine labels evolve

The New World aesthetic is becoming more conservative, while the Old World opens up. James Lawrence looks at the trends.

Unlocking biodynamic wines

Biodynamic wines are both admired and controversial. Felicity Carter pays a visit to Odinstal to see biodynamics first hand.

The price of organic conversion

Consultant Monty Waldin looks at the benefits of going organic or biodynamic, and calculates the costs involved.

Create your own publicity

Content marketing is a strategy that businesses can use to tell the world about what they’re doing. Felicity Carter discusses best practice with Lisa Mattson of Jordan Winery.

Master of the marks

For Paris-based designer Pierre Katz, creating a wine or spirits label means starting with a philosophical approach and ending with critical tweaks. Roger Morris reports.

Turning stories into marketing

Once you’ve found your winery or product story, how do you turn it into marketing material? Rebecca Hopkins has some answers.

The art of wine storytelling

What can the wine industry learn from the bestseller 50 Shades of Grey? Felicity Carter looks at the research.

A national strategy

One way to make a wine region flourish is to get everyone working together.

Going to the tourist

Another way to reach tourists is to go to where they congregate. For Cantine Ferrari, it means heading for the airport.

The wine portal

How do you introduce tourists to a complex and widespread wine region? Open a bar.