Styles & Regions

The workhorse white

The death of Pinot Grigio has often been predicted, but has never come to pass. Robert Joseph looks at the white wine that keeps on keeping on.

Tales of Tannat

The red variety Tannat not only has an unusually thick skin, it’s also widely travelled. Robert Joseph charts its journey.

Greece’s flagship white

Santorini’s white grape Assyrtiko has ancient roots, finds Gregory Michailos. And yet it represents the face of modern Greek winemaking.

Where is Saperavi now?

The dark-hued grape Saperavi was once the workhorse of the vast Soviet wine industry, used to make very sweet red wines. Robert Joseph tracks its fortunes.

New Zealand’s next big thing

Being known for a single grape variety can spell economic trouble if that grape falls out of fashion. So the New Zealanders are looking beyond Sauvignon Blanc, finds James Lawrence.

The rise of Ripasso

Valpolicella’s Ripasso has enjoyed runaway success in the Scandinavian markets, finds Michèle Shah. But as with all successful products, strong competition has appeared.

Cinsault rising

The light red Cinsault used to be used as filler. But now, says Jamie Goode, it’s become one of the most exciting grape varieties in South Africa.

The Cava paradox

It’s a wine style that takes effort and attention to detail to make, yet which sells cheaply, and it’s an export winner than many call an underachiever. James Lawrence looks at what’s really happening with Cava.

The city of natural wine

Natural wine is one of the most controversial additions to the wine firmament. What is not in dispute is that its spiritual home is Paris, as Christian Holthausen explains.

Argentina’s red gold

Malbec, a classic grape from France, turns out to do thrillingly well in Argentina, putting that country on the world’s wine map, says Richard Woodard. And it all started around the barbecue.

Shaking up the Place

After Gary Boom received bad service one too many times from wine merchants, he decided to shake up the market. Adam Lechmere speaks with the founder of the Bordeaux Index.

Tuscany’s rising star

In the not-so-distant past, Montalcino was one of the poorest places in Tuscany. Today, finds Richard Woodard, the market can’t get enough of Brunello. He charts the transformation.