Styles & Regions

The flat sparkling category

Sales of crémant should be exploding in line with demand for sparkling wine, but this isn’t always the case. James Lawrence asks why.

Retail in Japan

Japanese wine consumers have a wide and deep range of buying options. Roddy Ropner explores the major outlets.

An Italian Renaissance

When a parish priest explored his new church, he discovered vines on the property. Stephen Quinn looks at what happened next.

Italy’s great white hopes

After years of being seen as a red wine country, Italy is making a big impact with its white wines. Wojciech Bońkowski analyses the trend. 

La vie en rosé

It’s the trend nobody saw coming — the unstoppable rise of rosé. But, says Robert Joseph, rosé has risen and fallen before. Can it stay on top?

True grit

Excitement is building about wines from volcanic soils. Jim Clarke set out to learn more about this intriguing category.

The tipping point

Biodynamic wines making for good conversations, not least because of the way they are made. But how big is the market segment? Roger Morris finds out.

The third Burgundy

Many consumers don’t even realise that Burgundy makes a sparkling wine. As Roger Morris reports, producers of Crémant de Bourgogne are fighting perceptions on many fronts.

The badge of authenticity

There’s a lot of excitement about autochthonous grapes. But is this reflected in vineyard plantings and sales, wonders Simon Woolf. 

Orchestrating a new wine style

The city of Vienna is one of the greenest in the world, producing up to 80 percent of its own vegetables – and its own wine. Felicity Carter reports on its flagship style.

Lighten up

New Zealand winemakers are taking up the challenge of finding a way to lower alcohol naturally. Jeni Port reports.

The grapes of froth

As governments crack down on alcohol, non- and low-alcoholic drinks are proliferating, especially in the beer category. Sophie Kevany goes looking for wine alternatives.

How to train a wine judge

Becoming a wine judge in Australia is a great honour. Jeni Port looks at how aspiring judges are put through their paces.