Styles & Regions

Prosecco aims higher

Ambitious producers of Italy’s sparkling sensation, Prosecco, want to move it into the luxury category. Rebecca Gibb MW looks at their chances.

A sacred place in Burgundy

If there is one place in the world that makes wine lovers swoon, it’s Burgundy. Sascha Speicher goes on a pilgrimage to Romanée-Conti.

A deep-rooted love of wine

Allegrini Vini, in the heart of Valpolicella, was always a humble company. But then Giovanni Allegrini decided to shake things up. Elisabetta Tosi reports.

A new approach to an old problem

Both Ancient Greeks and pot smokers have realised the value of lower-alcohol wines, reports Rebecca Gibb MW.

Chablis steels itself

Last year, Chablis was hit by hail, frost and mildew. This will probably push up prices, but, reports Adam Lechmere, it’s about time.

The mixed wine farm

Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch grows grapes. And raises cows and pigs and sheep. Felicity Carter goes to see the future of viticulture.

The white wine trap

Why do red wines always score better than white wines? Is it because red wines are inherently ‘better’, or is it plain old bias? Jeff Siegel tests a theory.

Provence rosés are blooming

Provence is experiencing a lucrative boom that other wine regions can only envy, says Dr Jamie Goode. And it’s all been driven by pink wines.

The trouble with Verde

Vinho Verde is just what the modern consumer asked for. Fresh, light and low in alcohol. And yet, says Simon Woolf, its excellent value is a problem.

The workhorse white

The death of Pinot Grigio has often been predicted, but has never come to pass. Robert Joseph looks at the white wine that keeps on keeping on.

Tales of Tannat

The red variety Tannat not only has an unusually thick skin, it’s also widely travelled. Robert Joseph charts its journey.

Greece’s flagship white

Santorini’s white grape Assyrtiko has ancient roots, finds Gregory Michailos. And yet it represents the face of modern Greek winemaking.