Styles & Regions

Style and Regions

Benvenuto, Brunello 2016!

The expectations for Brunello di Montalcino 2016 are high. It is supposed to be even a tad better than the vintage of the century, 2015. The market is reacting accordingly.

Veronika Crecelius tasted the new vintage.

Corpinnat sails on despite fall in sales

Corpinnat reports a19 percent decline but stays optimistic.

From healthy vineyards to happy people

In the first part of "Sustainability around the globe", we discovered the New World’s sustainability concepts. In the second part of our travel through the world of sustainability, we have a deeper look at the Old World – plus the new approaches that dive deeper into the idea of corporate responsibility.

Alexandra Wrann has the details.

Sustainability around the globe

Sustainability is a much-used term worldwide. Cultivating countries set different priorities – and the social responsibility of producers is increasingly coming into focus. 

Alexandra Wrann explores the world of sustainability.

A tour through Washington State viticulture

Washington State is unique in many ways: on one hand, you have the climate that characterises the Pacific coast of the North American continent; on the other, you have the geology, which lacks nothing in drama.

As far as wine is concerned, there is a dynamic producer scene eager to experiment, quality-conscious, enterprising.

Hermann Pilz knows the region.

Valpolicella market analysis presented at Annual Conference

The "Valpolicella Annual Conference" was held digitally  and was a complete success. The export business remained stable, but the domestic market dropped. Veronika Crecelius reports.

What they’re drinking in Norway

The pandemic has started an interesting development in Norway: Travel restrictions made it impossible to shop for alcohol in neighbouring countries with lower taxes.

Now the country with its state-owned-and-governed monopoly on alcoholic beverages can monitor precisely what the Norwegians were buying and drinking.

Liora Levi has the full story.

Ribera re-thinks its approach

James Lawrence said that while the Ribera del Duero region has some outstanding wineries, it needs to reconsider its export strategy.

Can Pinot Noir yields be increased?

Does quality have to suffer when you increase quantity? New Zealand Pinot Noir makers are questioning received wisdom, finds Rebecca Gibb MW.

Jedi wine training

How do you train your palate without spending a fortune on wine and travel? Felicity Carter tests the Master the World kit.

A year of comfort wines

Jeff Siegel charts the course of the wines that did well this year in the US market and asks what was so attractive about them.

The mechanisation dilemma

Quality producers want their grapes hand-picked – but labour shortages are looming. Caroline Gilby MW looks at the situation in Eastern Europe.

The red blend juggernaut

Since they burst onto the scene earlier this century, New World red blends have taken the wine world by storm. James Lawrence has the story.

Apothic, the blockbuster red blend

Apothic is a wine that helped create and define an entire category. Felicity Carter hears how it was done.

Wines from German-speaking lands find a new champion

Two Americans are rolling up their sleeves and diving into wines from German-speaking countries, on a mission to tell the world about them. Felicity Carter speaks to Paula Sidore, the co-founder of TRINK magazine.