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Column - Robert Joseph 

Cool climate is hot

Regions that were once marginal for grape growing have become valued viticultural areas. Adam Lechmere went along to an industry conference to learn more.

Perspectives - Japan

One of the quieter, but most important, global wine markets is Japan, whose population has been called one of the most wine knowledgeable in the world. Consumption is still relatively low, but value is high, with sales of wine over $28.00 a bottle continuing to increase. And in February this year, the Japan Times reported that Japan had seen the world’s third-largest rate of growth, after South Africa and the US. We asked some industry observers for their view of the market.

Ambitious targets

The UK has given itself until 2020 to export ten times the volume of sparkling wine that it does today. James Lawrence asks whether this is realistic or not.

Champagne reasserts itself

Champagne broke sales records in 2015, reasserting its position as top-shelf fizz. Panos Kakaviatos tracks the trends.

Party time in Austria

The 2016 edition of the bi-annual trade fair VieVinum commemorated the 30 years since the Austrian Wine Marketing Board was founded. Felicity Carter reports.

Brand without land

Column - Robert Joseph

Inside the Philadelphia wine market

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the USA’s fifth-largest city and the nucleus of a metro area of 6m people. Rich in arts, culture, education, and a history significant to the founding of the country, the city is vibrant, as are its culinary and wine scenes — despite state control of all liquor sales through the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB). Layers of taxes and fees and near-retail pricing for restaurateurs, among other issues, all provide challenges to wine professionals and consumers. The PLCB has changed procedures in the past for area producers, however, so the outlook citywide is growlingly optimistic. Scott Saunders takes a look.

Writers at work

Love them or loathe them, everyone has an opinion about wine writers. Adam Lechmere reports on what they talk about amongst themselves when they get together.

US distributors get bigger

Two big deals took place in late 2015 that have changed the face of US wine distribution, says Jeff Siegel. This consolidation will make it harder for small wine brands to emerge.

An inside look at the Washington DC ontrade

Washington, DC, seat of the federal government for the US, is an autonomous district, and as such it is unencumbered from certain state regulations, notably those which influence the import and distribution of alcohol — a twist that has helped create one of the nation’s most diverse and creative beverage scenes. The mix of universities and government representatives (and lobbyists in tow) keeps the District’s demographics skewed young, intelligent, affluent and out on the town, factors that no doubt have contributed to DC leading the nation in wine consumption per capita, and by a good margin. Scott Saunders speaks to wine scene representatives.

A snapshot of Italy’s bulk wine

Italy is the world’s largest producer of bulk wine, making it exquisitely sensitive to market trends. Broker Luigino Lazzaretto looks at how the market is evolving.

Bull market for US wine sales over

A stronger US dollar, changing tastes, and the fickleness of Millennials means that the US domestic industry is going to have to fight harder for market share. Leslie Gevirtz reports.