Could the good times be over?

Producers around the world look at the US market as the place to be. Beware, says Jeff Siegel, because the indications are that the long wine boom is coming to a close.

A new tax scheme in China

Normally, wines exported to China are slapped with a 48.2% tax. A new scheme, however, is less than half of that. Oliver Zhou explains.

China syndrome

Column - Robert Joseph

The Bordeaux cycle

Commentators have recently claimed that Bordeaux’s fine wine system is in crisis. Rebecca Gibb MW says it’s all been said before.

Advice on selling wine to China's Tier-2 cities

In the 1980s, the Chinese government ranked China’s cities according to size and development priorities. Today, that ranking is a useful way of understanding the size and scale of markets in China. As Tier 1 cities – particularly Beijing and Shanghai – become saturated with wine, Tier 2 cities are emerging as important markets, as James Lawrence discovers from talking to market insiders.

Groceries get ready for wine

There are significant legislative barriers to selling wine in US supermarkets, explains Jeff Siegel. But they have come down in two states, and there could be more to follow.

Gastronomy travel

The world is now travelling on its stomach, according to speakers at the Business of Food and Wine Tourism conference. Felicity Carter went to hear more.

Rocks in the glass

The term ‘minerality’ is thrown around the wine world with abandon, but what does it actually mean? Rebecca Gibb MW finds out.

Roll out the barrels

Column - Robert Joseph