Devil's Advocate - Will Young Sommeliers be the Influencers of Tomorrow?

In recent years, traditional wine critics have been increasingly supplanted by young influencers on Instagram and YouTube. Freshly returned from a 'Sommelier Bootcamp'  Robert Joseph wonders if that new breed of communicators might be about to face a challenge of their own.

Reading time: 4m 45s

The Baseball Sommelier

One of the most famous baseball teams in the US has formed a partnership with a leading Master Sommelier.

Reading time: 2m

Wine Service in a Time of Pandemic

In the United States restaurant patrons and staff say goodbye to ‘before Covid,’ adapt to ‘during Covid,’ and wonder if there will ever be an ‘after Covid.’ Roger Morris reports. 

Reading time: 4m 25s

Sommelier Association Platform to Help Ukrainian Refugees Find Work

The Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) is launching a platform for employers willing to offer employment to Ukrainian refugees.

Russian Top Sommeliers Sign Anti War Petition

Despite efforts to prohibit journalists from even using the word 'war', many people in the Russian wine industry are demanding peace for Ukraine.

Turning Point for US Sommeliers?

Six of its leading members have been expelled from the Court of Master Sommeliers for sexual misconduct. Does this mark the end of a chapter? Or the beginning of the end for the Court? Robert Joseph reports.

Sommeliers’ dilemma: return to floor or new career?

As America’s restaurants fully reopen, sommeliers who lost jobs are now making critical career choices. Roger Morris has asked around in the US.

Can AI replace the sommelier? 

Tech startups like Tastry and WineCab say no, but that it has its advantages.