Treasury Wine Estates launches exclusive on-trade wine range in the UK

Sustainability is the focus of “Coastal Reserve”.

TWE's new "Coastal Reserve"
TWE's new "Coastal Reserve"

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is introducing Coastal Reserve in the UK, a sustainable range of three premium wines which will be available exclusively on-premise, according to a recent press release. The range, which is comprised of a Merlot from Spain, a Sauvignon Blanc from France and a Pinot Grigio Rosato from Italy, is certified vegan and was developed to appeal to “an increasing pool of consumers who seek environmentally friendly products and brands that have a purpose.”

For the release of Coastal Reserve, TWE is partnering with not-for-profit Plastic Oceans Europe. Through this partnership, TWE hopes to raise awareness of its sustainability efforts and to address issues in plastic pollution. These sustainability efforts are reported to include supply chain and packaging choices that minimise environmental impact, including sourcing and shipping wines in bulk and using light-weight bottles and labels made from 100% recycled paper. 

The range will be launched with Molson Coors, whose recent sustainability measures include removing plastic rings from their products, introducing instead a fully recyclable cardboard sleeve for multipack cans, and becoming the first major brewer to produce all of its beers and ciders using renewable electricity.

Of the newly launched range, Tony Watson, Commercial Director UK & Ireland at TWE, comments: “We believe that with Coastal Reserve, we have a wine that…will resonate with the ethically-minded consumer of today. Not only are the wines of premium quality, consumers can feel good about their choice too.”

Coastal Reserve is available this month. kw

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