Sauvignon Blanc – the Dark Horse of the Wine World

Even as recently as 25 years ago, the suggestion that Sauvignon Blanc would become the most popular grape variety – of either colour – in Britain, the most competitive wine market in the world, would have been dismissed as fanciful. Robert Joseph looks back at this unlikely success story.

Reading time: 5m 40s

Return of the London Wine Fair

Despite Brexit and the growth in the number and importance of other wine trade fairs, the one held in the UK capital since 1981 remains a favourite with the industry. Robert Joseph asked its organiser, Hannah Tovey to outline what the 2022 show, which opens on June 7th, has to offer – both to those who visit in person and online.

Reading time: 6m 35s

UK's most important PR companies

In times of social media and influencers the work of PR agencies becomes even more important. James Lawrence took a closer look on the companies in the UK.

The UK market in crisis

An interview with Michael Saunders by Robert Joseph.