A wine that's never been exposed to light

A sparkling wine made in complete darknes?  A Slovenien winery says they have done it.

Untouched by LIght sparkling wine.
Untouched by LIght sparkling wine.

Slovenian winery Radgonske Gorice have released a sparkling wine they say has been made in complete darkness.

“Untouched by Light is made from Chardonnay grapes picked at night and aged in the pitch darkness of a cave,” said a company statement.

Using a method the company calls “Crafted by Darkness”, the grapes are picked at night, with pickers wearing night vision goggles, and the final wine comes in a black lightproof bottle.

“What makes this wine unique is its aging process, as Untouched By Light is left to age for two to three years in the caves of Radgona in Slovenia, untouched by the outside world,” said managing director Borut Cvetkovič.

Radgonske Gorice, a sparkling wine producer, was founded in 1848.

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