Wine culture in Germany is intangible cultural heritage

UNESCO has included "Wine Culture in Germany’" in its national register of intangible national heritage.

Wine culture in Germany is intangible cultural heritage
Credit: Christopher Arnoldi

The UNESCO has included "Wine Culture in Germany" in the Federal List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. This was based on an application submitted by the German Wine Academy (DWA) to the responsible Secretariat for World Heritage in Rhineland-Palatinate in the Ministry of Science, Further Education and Culture in October 2019. On the recommendation of the Expert Committee of the German UNESCO Commission, this application has now been accepted.

The Committee of Experts thus acknowledges wine culture in Germany as an open, lively and versatile cultivation of tradition that is strongly anchored in society. The explanatory statement also emphasises that wine culture in Germany includes social, artisanal, cultural landscape and linguistic aspects as well as numerous festivals and customs. Especially in the wine-growing regions themselves, wine culture would shape the rhythm of life for many people and thus often have a local, identity-forming effect. jk

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