Oil and gas owners make another Bordeaux acquisition

Château La Tour de Mons has been sold to the Perrodo family, in the largest Bordeaux vineyard sale of the year. Sophie Kevany reports.

Château La Tour de Mons
Château La Tour de Mons

The Perrodo family, owners of London-based oil and gas company Perenco, have paid an estimated €60m ($67m) for their third Bordeaux châteaux, local paper Sud Ouest reported Friday.

The purchase of the 58 ha Margaux estate, Château La Tour de Mons, was concluded on Halloween and is understood to be the largest Bordeaux vineyard sale of the year.

The Perrodo family already owns two other properties in Margaux. The 65 ha Château Labégorce – which adjoins parts of La Tour de Mons. And, the 15 ha Château Marquis d'Alesme. Both have recently been renovated and upgraded.

The La Tour de Mons vineyard was sold by French agricultural bank, Crédit Agricole, from its CA Grands Crus portfolio of estates. La Tour de Mons consists of two parts, the main estate of 48 ha, and a smaller 10 ha area called Marsac Séguineau.
The family’s latest property currently produces three wines. Château La Tour de Mons, which retails for about €25, along with Marquis de Mons and Château Marsac Séguineau. The last two sell for €15 to €20.

The Forbes rich list says Singaporean-born Carrie Perrodo inherited Perenco, one of the world’s largest family-owned oil companies, following the sudden death of her husband, Hubert, in December 2006. He was on a skiing holiday at the time in the French resort of Courchevel.

Forbes estimates Ms Perrodo’s financial worth to be $4.4 bn and it is her daughter, Nathalie, who oversees the family’s Bordeaux estates.

Sophie Kevany

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