The Beautiful South - Schenk invests in Puglia

Schenk Italia has bought over 100ha of vines in the south of Italy for its Masso Antico brand.

Masso Antico produces Primitivo in Apulia
Masso Antico produces Primitivo in Apulia

The Italian arm of the family-owned, Swiss-based Schenk group as added 105 ha of organic vineyards to the 3,500 it owns in Switzerland, France. Italy and Spain.

 "The great international commercial success of the Masso Antico brand, which includes the most important appellations of Puglia and is now sold in over 30 countries worldwide, is mainly focused on Primitivo del Salento," explains Daniele Simoni, the CEO of Schenk Italia. The growth of this brand which is also known for its Negroamaro is partly explained by its use of the traditional appassimento method, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

Another reason for the recent purchase was the growing interest in sustainability and environmental protection issues. The investment represents a commitment "to continue to nurture the brand with its history and to continue the path of quality and sustainability that has been taken with Masso Antico since 2017", says Simoni. 

The goal is to convert all of Schenk’s wineries belonging to organic viticulture by 2024, an ambition that has already been achieved at the Lunadoro winery in Tuscany. 

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