Bar Convent Berlin 2020 to take place online

The international trade fair for the bar and beverage industry is going digital.

Bar Convent Berlin heads online
Bar Convent Berlin heads online

Bar Convent Berlin 2020, the international trade fair for the bar and beverage industry, now breaks new ground in the corona crisis, to bring the drinks community together at Pouring Digital, a new initiative.

The original trade fair was to be held from 12 to 14 October at the Berlin Exhibition Centre. Unfortunately, the live event can no longer take place as planned, due to city restrictions imposed as a result of the pandemic.

However, the Bar Convent Berlin (BCB) team have been hard at work on a new concept, called “Pouring Digital”, that will be both a live and a digital event.

"We are aware of our responsibilities as both a trade fair that brings many thousands of people together in one place, but also as part of a global network, “says BCB director Petra Lassahn. “The bar scene may be facing its greatest challenge ever, so our goal is to find an alternative format to offer.” She continues, “if our exhibitors and visitors can’t come to us, we have to go to them.”

The BCB team is currently working with partners on a concept that captures the spirit of BCB, running the lectures, events and get-togethers as a live digital event.
Online will play the biggest role, but BCB is also working to include as many bars and alternative locations as possible.

Many exhibitors from across the industry are looking for a place where they can meet and exchange ideas.

“Precisely because the industry worldwide is suffering from the consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic, we need a meeting place where we can gain strength, learn from each other and exchange ideas,” says Petra Lassahn, “ so we can look forward together with confidence.”

Bar Convent Berlin 2021 will take place as planned at the Berlin exhibition centre, with the new City Life Spirits concept originally planned for 2020.

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