Pinot Grigio Rosé is being researched

International study aims to help produce high-quality rosé.

An international study examines Pinot Grigio clones
An international study examines Pinot Grigio clones

The DOC delle Venezie consortium, together with the Research Center for Viticulture and Enology (CREA-VE: Centro di Ricerca Viticoltura ed Enologia) in Conegliano, began research in 2017 to find out the best clones for Pinot Grigio production. Now the work is focused on the Rosé and Ramato (copper-colored) varieties.

The project is related to the first change in the regulations of Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, which now allows the indication Rosé, Rosato or Ramato on the label. The color must come from Pinot Grigio, and no red varieties are allowed for production.

The aim of the study, carried out by CREA-VE and financed by the Veneto region, is to study and compare the ampelographic characteristics of 17 Pinot Grigio clones from different production areas in Italy, France, Germany and Serbia. These include the shape and compactness of the grapes, the shape of the berries, the thickness of the skin, the coloring characteristics (amount of polyphenols and anthocyanins), and the Botrytis resistance. The project will run for two vintages and the findings will be used to plan new vineyards and control vinification, especially during the maceration period.

"It is clear by now that the rosé trend is growing strongly, but I want to emphasize that we are not focusing on this typology because of the market or the current fashion. It is a completely independent work, born in the early days of our DOC, with very solid foundations and important preliminary studies on the oenological and viticultural aspects. The research will help our Pinot Grigio producers to produce a high-quality rosé and to categorize it in a precise and scientific way. This is especially necessary now because this typology, which has always belonged to Pinot Grigio, has been formally recognized via the amendment to the regulations," commented Albino Armani, president of the Consortium. VC

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