Who's Who in Poland

Poland is one of Europe’s fastest-growing wine markets. Patrycja Siwiec reveals the key players and events in the Polish wine market.

Reading time: 5m 50s

The Polish wine market

It is said that a wine consumer usually develops in one direction - upwards. In fact, this means that hardly anyone returns to lower quality wines. Does this unwritten rule also apply to the Polish consumer? Patrycja Siwiec considers the way wine is consumed in Poland.

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Poland's top wine buyers

Poland is one of the world’s most promising wine markets. Wojciech Bońkowski identifies its key buyers.

Poland’s wine communicators

The world’s exporters are increasingly interested in the growing Polish wine market. Wojciech Bońkowski introduces the communicators connecting the public to wine.

The powerhouse of Poland

An interview with Robert Mielżyński by Robert Joseph 

Perspectives: selling wine in Poland

Poland is one of Europe’s fastest-growing wine markets, with sales doubling since 2010. At 6L per capita there is still ample room for further growth, too. Wojciech Bońkowski asks the experts for advice on which approaches work best with the different distribution tiers. 

Poland’s wine regions emerge

Once considered unsuitable for the grapevine, Poland’s wines are now grabbing international attention. Wojciech Bońkowski reports on an unexpected development. 

Poland takes to the New World

New World wines have become the fastest-growing segment on the dynamic Polish market. Wojciech Bońkowski analyses a surprising trend.

Poland’s wine champion

For twelve years, Robert Mielżyński has redefined fine wine sales on the Polish market. Today, his position is as strong as ever. Wojciech Bońkowski reports.