Is Fine Wine in Sustainable Packaging A Contradiction?

Wine producers are reducing water use, increasing organic matter in their soil, and doing everything they can to support the environment. Now, says Roger Morris, they are also re-thinking packaging.

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Sustainability from A to Z

What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of wine and sustainability? Healthy vineyards with lots of cover crops, flowers, bees, chirping birds. Is that all? By Alexandra Wrann.

Sustainability Reloaded: Meininger's International Wine Conference

There are many different ways to look at sustainability. Even if one only considers the environment, there are no easy answers. There is, for example, little point in growing grapes organically if the winery is heated by fossil fuels and the wine is sold in heavy glass bottles. All this and more will be discussed at the Meininger's International Wine Conference, where a panel of experts will consider the challenges of combining environmental and economic sustainability. Come and be part of the discussion.

South Africa: Green, But Not Organic

Despite all the fashion and greenwashing accusations, the basic idea of sustainability implies that companies cannot afford not to be there in the long run. In its approach to sustainability, South Africa is very different from Europe. 

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Champagne: With or Without Herbicide?

The winegrowers' association of Champagne, Association Viticole Champenoise (AVC), have pledged to become CO2-neutral by 2050 and be free of herbicides by 2025 as much as possible. This was announced by the two co-chairs of the Comité Champagne, Maxime Toubart and David Chatillon, at the general assembly on 8 December 2022. 

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Meininger's at ProWein 2023: Just Like Old Times...

What's happening at ProWein 2023? From Meininger's International Wine Conference to the Meininger Awards and the World of Zero - Meininger Verlag will be there with an extensive and attractive program.

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Hybrids: Finding a Place

In a world apparently tiring of experts, there is at least one in the viticultural sphere that we should be grateful for. In 2020, research led by Andrew Walker, a geneticist and professor of viticulture and enology at UC Davis, led to the release of five new grape varieties. They have some advantages in common. Sarah Philips McCartan reports.

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Devil's Advocate - It Isn't Easy Being Green

Switch to lighter glass, say the wine media. Give us commercially appealing packaging say the customers. Robert Joseph considers the challenges facing 21st century producers.

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Can the Nordic Monopolies Turn the Drinks World Green?

Scandinavia’s five alcohol monopolies have launched a joint program to combat climate change. Petri Pellinen considers its practicality.

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