From healthy vineyards to happy people

In the first part of "Sustainability around the globe", we discovered the New World’s sustainability concepts. In the second part of our travel through the world of sustainability, we have a deeper look at the Old World – plus the new approaches that dive deeper into the idea of corporate responsibility.

Alexandra Wrann has the details.

Biodiversity in the vineyard
Biodiversity in the vineyard

Established systems

In Germany, the Fair'n Green label is the best known – and most widely used. "At the beginning, we look at the status quo of a winery," reports Dr. Keith Ulrich, chairman of the board of the Fair'n Green association, which awards the sustainability label of the same name. The winery must meet 50 percent of the required points to be included. 40 percent must be achieved in each of the three pillars of ecology, economy and social responsibility. The use of herbicides is allowed.

Fair'n Green started in 2013 with only seven members. Now there are more than 70. From the very beginning, top wineries were also included, such as Clemens Busch on the Mosel or Phillip Kuhn in the Palatinate. Today, Fair'n Green is active in several countries, including Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and Israel. The seal is not only aimed at wineries. Wine shops can also be certified, as well as other businesses in the value chain: the first label-printing company recently obtained its certificate. 

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