Bordeaux's grape revolution

Climate change is causing profound changes - also and especially in the world of wine. Sooner or later, heat and drought will likely affect every region, no matter how prestigious it may be. In Bordeaux, the topic has long been on everyone's lips. One solution: adapt the variety mix.

James Lawrence has asked around in Bordeaux.

Château Lagrange is committed to Cabernet Sauvignon
Château Lagrange is committed to Cabernet Sauvignon

As Bordeaux celebrates another excellent vintage, its winegrowers are busy preparing for a viticultural revolution. “People used to harvest in raincoats – now they need t-shirts and sun hats. The last 15 years have seen global warming transform our viticulture,” said Jean-Guillaume Prats, Chateau Lafite's president and CEO. 

Prats, like many of the region's influential stakeholders, is steering Bordeaux in a new direction. He is acutely aware that a changing climate necessitates a fresh approach.

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