Apothic, the blockbuster red blend

Apothic is a wine that helped create and define an entire category. Felicity Carter hears how it was done.

Heather Austin, director of marketing, Apothic
Heather Austin, director of marketing, Apothic

Blockbuster wines are like blockbuster movies – created to appeal to the widest possible audience, tested and tweaked at every turn. Yet, as with Hollywood films, even the glitziest launches can’t guarantee a box office hit. Apothic, however, is one of a handful of wines launched in the past two decades that has not only resonated with consumers, but gone from strength to strength. 

“There is definitely a secret sauce,” says Heather Austin, director of marketing for Apothic. “When this brand was concepted and created, there were two factors at play.” The first was the emerging red blends category itself. “Red blends were starting to come about,” she says, but they weren’t well defined. “There was an opportunity to define what a red blend stood for.”  

The second pillar was consumer research. E&J Gallo, who created Apothic, realised that while Millennials – particularly young males – wanted to embrace wine culture, they hadn’t found a brand that was both accessible, but also sophisticated. “We wanted to create something that was greater than the sum of its parts.”

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