Wine2Wine is not just online, but interactive

The ever-innovative Wine2Wine conference has moved online for 2020. But this isn’t your average Zoom webinar – it will use a highly interactive, social based system called Swapcard.


Has Zoom fatigue struck you down yet? Do you feel like you can’t sit in front of yet another screen full of talking heads ever again?

Then make sure you put Wine2Wine into your calendar for next week. Now in its seventh edition, the popular and practical two-day conference has moved online – but not to Zoom. To Swapcard, an entirely different kind of platform.

“First of all, there are possibilities to network,” says Wine2Wine CEO Stevie Kim. “It’s not passive. On Zoom, you’re basically listening and the most you can do is send in a question to a chat, whereas through this platform you have the possibility of networking, which is the beauty of Wine2Wine.”

Kim says that Swapcard works more like a social media platform and gives participants the tools to get in touch with speakers and other participants, and even set up appointments. “If you want to connect with 500 people, including hard-to-get producers, you can just download their profile and create your own Rolodex,” she explains.

Of course, you can simply watch the presentations, too. Over two days, more than 70 speakers from around the world will meet online, to present around 50 sessions.

What has always marked Wine2Wine out from many other industry conferences, is its focus on practical solutions. Every speaker has been primed to offer takeaways, that participants can start using in their business immediately, while there will be whole sessions dedicated to “how to”, such as how to use WeTransfer to promote wine, what every wine website needs to have to served the wine media better, how to do a better Zoom presentation, and how to create a satisfying virtual tourism experience.

Beyond that, Wine2Wine will also be tackling some of the big issues. As if the pandemic wasn’t bad enough, 2020 also saw revelations about serious sexual misconduct in the USA’s Court of Master Sommeliers – news that came hard on the heels of revelations and blog posts about sexism, misogyny and bullying in the UK and continental wine trades. These issues will be tackled during Wine2Wine sessions, along with discussions around diversity and inclusion.

If you can’t make the sessions, they will be available online to ticket holders until 30th November.

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