Moldova delivers on its business promise and crafts award-winning wines

A new generation of Moldovan wines impress consumers in 63 global markets

Cricova underground city & Prince Wittgenstein terrace (valley of the Dniester River)

Moldova’s long history of winemaking dates back to the Cucuteni civilization, 7000 years (Trypillia culture, Eneolithic Age), which places Moldova among the oldest wine producing countries in the world. Throughout its history, wine and grapes have been deeply rooted in the culture, myths, folklore and legends of the country. “Wine of Moldova”, the country’s wine brand has already won its place on the tables and in the hearts of many international wine lovers.
How did the product of this small winegrowing country on EU’s border manage, in just a few years, to come to the attention of wine lovers, become a recognizable brand and an economic success? By focusing on quality, authenticity and a modern approach to marketing.

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