Feudo Antico

Archeo-Oenology in the Heart of Abruzzo

Pride in the traditional pergola of Abruzza at Feudo Antico
Pride in the traditional pergola of Abruzza at Feudo Antico

The founding mission of Feudo Antico was to revive old, nearly forgotten indigenous grape varieties and safeguard an ancient wine cultural landscape. While replanting a long-abandoned vineyard with Pecorino vines, the remains of a 2000-year old Roman farm villa and amphorae were discovered. The excavations proceeded, as has Feudo Antico’s project.

Feudo Antico is located in the heart of the Tullum DOCG between the Adriatic Sea and the snow-capped Maiella range of the Apennine Mountains. Cantina Tollo founded Feudo Antico in 2004 with the idea of protecting a fragile environment and invigorating the region’s agricultural tradition and pride of community. 


Feudo Antico Rosso Tullum DOCG and Rosso Riserva Tullum DOCG are cuvées of old regional Montepulciano clones


Studies in terroir

Feudo Antico’s agronomic team studied the characteristics of the limestone and dolomite soils, variations in altitude and microclimates. Individual crus were identified and ideal rootstocks, ideal varieties, and high planting densities were defined. The project’s main focus is on two old regional white wine varieties, Pecorino and Passerina, and old clones of Montepulciano. Feudo Antico’s efforts helped to lift the Tullum region from DOC to DOCG status in 2019.

Socio, economic and environmental sustainability are the founding ideas behind Feudo Antico. Community efforts begin in the vineyard with environmentally friendly cultivation methods and low yields. In the cellar, heat-resistant fermentation vessels made of concrete minimize the need for cooling. The organic series of wines is fermented spontaneously without the addition of cultivated yeast; sulphur additions are kept to a minimum and wines are bottled unfiltered.


The visionary president of Feudo Antico, Vittorio Di Carlo


Gambero Rosso – 3 bicchieri

Feudo Antico currently offers three series of wines and two special bottlings. The first series of Tullum DOCG wines include a Passerina, a Pecorino, a Rosso and a Rosso Riserva. The certified organic series of wines also includes white, rosé and red wines from the regional autochthon varieties. The Pecorino Biologico Tullum DOCG and the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOP Organic have both earned Italy’s most coveted award: 3 Bicchieri from Gambero Rosso. Tullum DOP sparkling wines comprise the third series of wines and are produced from Pecorino, Passerina or Chardonnay according to the classic method of bottle fermentation. 


Excavation of Roman amphorae at the Roman Villa Rustica site


Deep commitment to the region’s history and exploration of the territory’s potentential served as inspiration for Feudo Antico’s avantgarde bottlings. The Rosso Tullum Inanfora DOCG is a limited edition bottling of Montepulciano fermented and matured in 750-litre terracotta amphorae. A new project with the Michelin-starred chef Niko Romito has brought forth the Feudo Antico Pecorino Terre Aquilane IGP per Casadonna sourced from a vineyard on the slopes of the Maiella mountains at 800 metres above sea level. This wine has also been awarded Gambero Rosso’s 3 Bicchieri.


Stewardship of a cultural heritage

Archaeological excavations at Feudo Antico’s Roman Villa Rustica site in Contrada San Pietro simultaneously continue to progress. Two very well-preserved cisterns, a large warehouse with buried dolia (Roman amphorae), and a settling tank provide testimony to the region’s ancient tradition for wine and olive oil production. This year, a mosaic floor was also revealed.


The new Feudo Antico headquarters showcases an ancient viticultural tradition with an archaeological museum


Feudo Antico inaugurated its new headquarters at the Roman Villa Rustica excavation site in July 2021. President of Feudo Antico Vittorio di Carlo states, “This visionary architectural design sensitively combines a transparent, modern structure that houses a wine shop, offices and wine maturation facility with a museum that protects an important archaeological site and makes it accessible for visitors.” 

Feudo Antico plays a central role in preserving the history and cultural identity of a landscape and community and demonstrates how sustainable economic development and the protection of cultural heritage can co-exist.

Feudo Antico
Contrada San Pietro, 25
66010 Tollo (CH)
Tel. +39 0871 969128

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