Record Attendance at Meininger Booth

ProWein 2022 Review

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Champagne Masterclass with Sascha Speicher at the Meininger Booth
Champagne Masterclass with Sascha Speicher at the Meininger Booth

A 38% reduction of visitors to this year’s ProWein was not always easy to compensate and the opinion of some exhibitors about the success of ProWein 2022 varied widely. Fortunately, this was not apparent at the Meininger Verlag stand: A total of over 900 visitors participated in the publisher's premium masterclasses. These were held over three days and guided by renowned presenters such as Yvonne Heistermann, Peer Holm and David Schwarzwälder, who with their expertise, expanded the horizons of the captivated audience.

Sessions such as ‘Champagne and Ageing` or food pairings - this time ‘Leberwurst and Riesling instead of Sauternes and Foie gras` - are always very successful. Other formats, e.g. Portugal's port wines, Georgia’s autochthonous grape varieties and top wines from Switzerland were also highly appreciated by the participants.

Savvy visitors secured their seats in the ‘Meininger's Garden Bistro` early, whilst all others had to stand in rows in front of the booth. This, however, did not curb their enthusiasm and they were still able to taste the wines and receive all necessary information.

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