Who’s Who in Sicily

Elisabetta Tosi goes inside Sicily to show how this  diverse island functions as a wine region.

Photo: Iurii - stock.adobe.com
Photo: Iurii - stock.adobe.com

“Sicily isn’t an island, it is a continent.” Sicilian wine people claim this often, intending to show that it would be wrong to regard this region of southern Italy as one place. It’s so rich in particularities, with each corner so different from the other, that it’s impossible to generalise about the whole. 

The first example of its abundance is the number of autochthonous grapes in Sicily. There are so many that the Sicilians themselves won’t give a number, because a new one is always being discovered or rediscovered. Although Sicily is the largest Italian region in terms of cultivated wine growing surface area, at 98,992ha, it’s only Italy’s fourth-largest wine producing area, after Veneto, Puglia and Emilia-Romagna. 

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