Private label emerges in the US

US retailers have yet to adopt private label in the high-quality way of their European peers. But, as Jeff Siegel reports, that may be about to change.

Dave Falchek
Dave Falchek, executive director, American Wine Society

The words gripped the seminar audience, especially considering who was saying them. “Consumers don’t want to buy cheap wine; they want to buy value and quality wines,” Maryrose Rinella, Albertsons-Safeway’s director of own brands product management, told the group. “The current trend in the entire US wine industry is, of course, premiumisation, and what we think of as private-label wine. Lower-priced tiers, two-buck Chuck – that’s over. We see an opportunity here, and we need to do a better job than we’ve been doing to take advantage of that opportunity.”

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