An interview with Roberta Corrà

Elisabetta Tosi speaks with the CEO of Italy's Gruppo Italiano Vini.

Roberta Corrà/Lorenzo Cotrozzi
Roberta Corrà/Lorenzo Cotrozzi

In Italy, where the wine world mostly consists of small, family-run wineries, there is a behemoth that stands out: Gruppo Italiano Vini (GIV), Italy’s biggest wine producer and part of the cooperative Cantine Riunite & CIV. GIV owns 1,733 ha of vineyards across 11 regions, and owns 15 wineries: Bolla, Santi, Folonari, Lamberti in Veneto, Nino Negri in Lombardy, Ca’ Bianca in Piedmont, Cavicchioli in Emilia Romagna, Machiavelli and Melini in Tuscany, Bigi in Umbria,  Conti Formentini in Friuli, Fontana Candida in Lazio, Re Manfredi in Basilicata, Castello Monaci in Puglia and Tenuta Rapitalà in Sicily. Its turnover in 2019 was €227m, of which 76 percent came from exports. 

Despite its size, GIV is a flexible organization, as each of its many companies operates independently, joined together by central services including administration, legal, human resources and marketing and communications. It is headquartered in Calmasino, a pretty Lake Garda village near Verona. 

Roberta Corrà, who joined GIV eight years ago, became the general manager five years ago. Although her training is in law, she was the human resources manager of a large food distribution retailer, and then the human resources operation manager of a consumer electronics brand. 

Meininger's: Your educational background and professional experience are a long way from wine. What was your first impression of the largest Italian wine company? 
Corrà: I was fascinated by the type of business, although it was new for me. It’s always nice when you have to deal with products related to the land. The size of the company did not worry me, because I have always worked with large companies; however, I had to learn a lot of new things. The wine world has many facets to know, regulations to take care of. This world has always attracted me – my father worked in Santi, a company of the group.

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