The Top 10 US wine and spirits PR agencies

Nowadays, there is no business without good marketing. But trying to find the right match for a specific product might not be so easy. We provide assistance: Roger Morris put together a list of the best PR agencies for the US market.

No business without Public Relations / Credit: Adobe Stock - Adam121
No business without Public Relations / Credit: Adobe Stock - Adam121

All specializing in public relations, marketing and social media, these American agencies, even the bigger ones, emphasize being lean and flexible. Their clients range from individual wineries to entire wine regions. And seven of these businesses are headed by women.

Which are the best wine and spirits public relations agencies in America?

Coming up with that answer is neither a precise nor an easy task. It begins with the decision not to include international agencies or mega-agencies that promote everything from automobiles to zirconium in addition to a few spirits for luxury-brand houses – good though they may be.

We looked instead at an agency’s size, longevity, clients past and present, the professional experiences we have had with them and – not incidentally – their being recommended by their competitors. Seven of the 10 are headed by women.

It’s also important to give a special nod to petite agencies headed by professionals with strong backgrounds gleaned at larger agencies – the kind of companies that are ideal for beverage producers who want a lot of personal attention. They are listed in brief at the bottom of article.

Here, based on the above criteria, Meininger’s presents its list of the Top 10 wine and spirits PR agencies
in the US.


Major absences:

Charlotte Milan Communications - San Francisco

KCS Public Relations - Napa, CA
Casey Shaughnessy - owner

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