Write your way to an all-inclusive trip to Hungary

The Hungarian Web Writing Awards are open once again. Submit your work and be in with a chance to spend four days immersed in Hungary's landscapes and wines.

Image by Fred Mouniguet/Unsplash
Image by Fred Mouniguet/Unsplash

Last year, the first Hungarian Web Wine Writing Awards attracted more than 46 entries. The winners received a four-day all-inclusive trip to four wine regions.

The second edition of the Awards is now open for entries. Once again, the prize will be a chance to explore the wines, regions and people of Hungary.

There are three categories:

  1. Brand building in wine
  2. Wine tourism
  3. Rare varieties

The articles do not have to be about Hungary or Hungarian wines. However, articles can be submitted in either Hungarian or English.

To enter

Send an email to info@hungarianwines.eu no later than midnight 9 July 2019. The email must contain a link to the article, along with the entrant’s name and contact number.

The entries will be judged in late July by Luiz Alberto, Dr James Flewellen, Dr Matthew Horkey, Paul Demeulenaere, Helga Gál, Zsuzsa Toronyi, Katalin Tóth, Csaba Koch, Fintan Kerr, Chris Boiling, Hajnalka Szabó, Norbert Izsák, Zoltán Szabó, Ferenc Török and Ágnes Németh.

The finalists will be announced on 10 August 2019, and the award ceremony will take place on 16 August in Mór, Hungary.

The prize trip will take place from 14 to 17 August 2019.

There will be one Hungarian and one English language prize in each category, which will include one flight to Hungary (from inside the EU), travel and accommodation.

For more information, visit https://www.hungarianwines.eu/webwinewriting-2/



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