The winners of the German Sparkling Wine Award announced

Germany’s top sparkling wines were honoured at an online ceremony this week.

The judging at Meininger Verlag
The judging at Meininger Verlag

There are two things about German sparkling wine that are astonishing: the first is how good they are, as sparkling wine quality has taken a leap forward in the past few years. The second is how few people know this outside Germany.

The quality of the category was showcased this week at a virtual awards ceremony, where the winners of the 6th Meininger’s German Sparkling Wine Award were honoured.

More than 260 traditional method wines were entered into the competition, which was judged by 42 German and international experts over three days.

The wines were placed into six categories and were tasted and rated during the morning. The six best wines from each category were then tasted again in the afternoon and ranked.

One category was, of course, Riesling Sekt, which is Germany’s own contribution to the world of sparkling wine. This year, the 2016 Riesling Brut from the Braunewell
The victory in the Riesling Sekt category went to Weingut Braunewell Winery in Essenheim, Rheinhessen for their 2016 Riesling Brut.

Another notable winners were the Griesel sparkling wines from Bensheim an der Hessischen Bergstrasse, which won both first and second prize in its category.

The 2015 Blanc de Blanc Brut from Bergdolt Klostergut St. Lamprecht in the Rheinland Pfalz also won the Prestige section, while its 2014 Fluxus Brut Nature came third.
The 2016 Pinot Rosé Brut from the Franz Keller winery in the Kaiserstuhl region was voted best Rosé Sekt 2020. This is yet another win for Fritz Keller and his son Friedrich, who won this category last year for their 2015 vintage. They also won the Best Winemaker Sparkling Wine 2019 award at MUNDUS VINI NORDIC, a competition exclusively for German wines in Scandinavia.

The top prize of the competition, for the Sparkling Wine of 2020, goes Sekthaus Raumland in Rheinhessen. 

The competition was organised and run by Meininger Verlag, the publishes of Meininger’s Wine Business International. The winners are listed:

Category I - Riesling Sekt 

1. Place    2016 Riesling Brut
Weingut Braunewell, Essenheim (Rheinhessen)

2. Place    2016 Riesling Brut
Weingut Reinhardt, Niederkirchen (Pfalz)

3. Place    2017 Riesling Tradition Brut
Griesel Sekt - Sekthaus Streit, Bensheim (Hessische Bergstraße)

Category II - Burgundy Sparkling

1. Place    2017 Blanc de Blancs Tradition Brut
Griesel Sekt - Sekthaus Streit, Bensheim (Hessische Bergstraße)

2. Place    2016 Chardonnay Brut Nature
Griesel Sekt - Sekthaus Streit, Bensheim (Hessische Bergstraße)

3. Place    2017 Cuvée Brut
Dr. Bürklin-Wolf, Wachenheim (Pfalz)

Category III – Prestige Burgundy Sparkling (a minimum of 36 months on lees)

1. Place    2015 Chardonnay Blanc de Blanc Brut Nature
Weingut Bergdolt Klostergut St. Lamprecht, Neustadt-Duttweiler (Pfalz)

2. Place    2014 Cuvée Katharina Brut Nature
Sekthaus Raumland, Flörsheim-Dalsheim (Rheinhessen)

3. Place    2014 Fluxus Brut Nature
Weingut Bergdolt Klostergut St. Lamprecht, Neustadt-Duttweiler (Pfalz)

Category IV – Rosé Sparkling

1. Place    2016 Pinot Rosé Brut
Weingut Franz Keller, Vogtsburg-Oberbergen (Baden)

2. Place    2016 Rosé Prestige Extra Brut
Griesel Sekt - Sekthaus Streit, Bensheim (Hessische Bergstraße)

3. Place    Margrit Rosé
Weingut Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan, Deidesheim (Pfalz)

Category V – Other varieties 

1. Place    2018 Gewürztraminer Brut
Weingut Klopfer, Weinstadt (Württemberg)

2. Place    2018 Gelber Muskateller Brut
Weingut Singer Fischer, Ingelheim (Rheinhessen)

3. Place    Kleinberger Brut Nenniger Schloßberg Crémant
Sektgut Martin Klein, Kreuzweiler (Mosel)

Category VI – Dry Sparkling

1. Place    2017 Muskateller Sekt Extra Trocken
Weinhaus Wasenweiler Winzer, Wasenweiler (Baden)

2. Place    2018 Muskateller Sekt Trocken
Winzergenossenschaft Jechtingen-Amoltern am Kaiserstuhl eG,
Sasbach-Jechtingen (Baden)

3. Place    2018 Sauvignon Blanc Sekt Extra Trocken
Die Weingüter Schneider Müller, Nierstein (Rheinhessen)

Special Award

The Collection of the Year
Sekthaus Raumland, Rheinhessen

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