Wine scholarship for people of color

Delicato Family Wines launches diversity program.

Chris Indelicato, CEO of Delicato Family Wines, proudly announces their new programm for more diversity.
Chris Indelicato, CEO of Delicato Family Wines, proudly announces their new programm for more diversity.

Napa-based winery Delicato Family Wines launches a scholarship for “Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) students pursuing a career in the Wine Industry with a focus on winemaking,” as the company announces.

According to their press release, this scholarship program is designed to “have a long-term impact by creating career opportunities for BIPOC students in the wine industry and advancing the diversity of Viticulture & Enology majors”. The scholarship is fully paid and includes living expenses, mentorship, professional development and industry experience, e.g. through paid summer internships and a “guaranteed job upon graduation”.

With the program, the winery wants to “encourage BIPOC students to join the wine industry and support them through the academic pipeline to a successful early career placement opportunity.” The focus will be on students who plan to attend one of the three California universities which offer the most recognized viticulture and enology programs: University of California, Davis, California Polytechnic State University, and California State University, Fresno.

Chris Indelicato, CEO of Delicato Family Wines, said: “I’m incredibly proud of our entire team involved in conceiving this remarkable program. Starting with my great-grandfather, the company’s philosophy has long included a statement around diversity and inclusion and is fundamental to our values and culture. Diversity of thought, experience, ethnicity, and gender makes us stronger and better. By cultivating an environment of inclusion and belonging, we can inspire the next generation of BIPOC students to pursue a career in the wine industry.” 

Delicato Family Wines ranks among the biggest wineries in the USA and the New World with a continuing growth in the last years and an annual revenue of around € 452 million in 2019.

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