US Wine Exports: More Volume, Less Value

The export value of American wines fell 6.4 percent in 2020.

Most of the exported wines come from California
Most of the exported wines come from California

The US exported $1.29 billion in wine in 2020. The volume was 377 million litres, reports the Wine Institute. This corresponds to a decrease in value of 6.4 percent and in volume by 1.1 percent compared to the previous year. The reasons are known. In addition to the pandemic and retaliatory tariffs and trade disputes, the Wine Institute also names the strong dollar as the cause.

Ninety six percent of the exported wines come from California alone.





“Exports have experienced a 13 percent growth in the last decade and in 2020 we saw consumers continue to choose California wine despite the need to shift their wine purchases from restaurants and bars to grocery and wine stores, given the pandemic lockdowns,” said Robert P. Koch, president and CEO, Wine Institute. “Wine Institute continues ongoing efforts to increase exports by working closely with the US government on reducing tariffs and trade barriers, and through strategic marketing.”    



“With the recent launch of Wine Institute’s ‘Golden State of Mind’ campaign, we are aiming to exceed $2.5 billion in export sales of US wines by 2030, with California wines making up 95 percent or more of that total,” said Honore Comfort, vice president of international marketing, Wine Institute. “We remain focused on global expansion, with a continued emphasis on enhancing market opportunities and seeking to connect with a broader audience. Consumers are attracted to California wines because of the exceptional quality at every price point and the state’s vast and diverse options.”   

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