A truck tips over and a fine white wine is spilled

A portion of the latest release of Mullineux's Old Vines White was lost in an accident last week. But, says Mullineux, they have enough left to meet all their allocations.

A scene from the accident
A scene from the accident

In late October, a truck carrying a load of Mullineux Old Vines White tipped over, spilling hundreds of bottles into the road. 

“We lost quite a bit of wine, but not the whole vintage,” said Andrea Mullineux of Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines from Swartland, South Africa. “The sadness in this is the hours of work – these are very hand made wines. It’s devastating emotionally.”

An investigation into what happened is currently underway, but it seems the truck tipped over after failing to navigate a roundabout. Passersby and people living nearby rushed to help.

To dispel rumours about what had happened, Mullineuxs put a picture of the incident on social media. “It was only one wine and not the whole vintage,” Ms Mullineux told Meininger's. “We are going to meet all our obligations.”

The highly awarded Old Vines White is a blend of old vines Chenin with small amount of Mediterranean varieties grown in Swartland.

No one from the winery was on the contract truck and nobody was hurt.

Felicity Carter

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