Time to enter the Born Digital Wine Awards

If you've created content around wine this year, make sure you enter the Born Digital Wine Awards before the end of December.

The Born Digital Wine Awards are now open
The Born Digital Wine Awards are now open

Submissions for the Born Digital Wine Awards 2019 are now open. If you wrote, filmed, recorded, photographed or published anything relating to wine this year, make sure you enter it before the end of the month.

“Whether you are a journalist working for a publication or a freelancer, or blogger working for yourself, it can be hard to assess just how effective your writing is,” said Richard Siddle, Chair of Awards. “That’s what BDWA is all about. An independent analysis of your work. The chance to showcase what you see as your best writing and see how it compares to the work of your peers all around the world.”

The entries are not limited to the English language – creators working in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish are encouraged to enter. Written work can be up to 2,500 words in length.

Entries close 31 December 2019 and the winners and runners up will receive cash prices, as well as a Model Two Coravin and a wine aerator delivered to their home. 

There are six categories:

Best Editorial

Challenge opinions, put your point forward. Maximum 2,500 words.

Best Tourism Content With a Wine Focus

Tell an entertaining story of the history, culture, art, tradition of a place and how it relates to wine. Entries may be text (max 1500 words) or video. 

Best Food & Wine Content 

This category is all about food pairings, food and wine experiences, recipes, analysis, and anything and everything that puts wine with food. Entries may be text (max 1500 words) or video. 

Best Interview 

Entries can be text, video or podcast, and there is no limit on word count or length. Podcasts can be entered – if they are not in English, a translated transcript also needs to be submitted.

Best Visual Storytelling 

Up to five images or a short video that tells a story. These can be five photographs or a series of images from an Instagram story. As it's all about the visuals, narrative won't be taken into consideration.  

Special Sustainability Prizes

There are special prizes for Sustainability for any material (text, video or podcast) entered into the above categories that particularly highlights sustainable practices in the industry, as well as a special Innovation prize by our main sponsor Vinventions for any communicator or business that is pushing the frontiers of the industry. 

For full details or to enter, visit the Born Digital Wine Awards site.

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