Sustainable Prosecco

La Marca, one of the world’s biggest Prosecco brands, now has Equalitas Sustainability Certification.

La Marca now produces certified sustainably
La Marca now produces certified sustainably

With eight associated wineries, 5000 members, more than 15,000 hectares of vineyards and annual production of over fifty million bottles, the la Marca cooperative is one of the leading names in Prosecco, Founded in 1968, it has always had social responsibility as a cornerstone of its corporate mission. Equalitas Certification has involved analysis of all phases of the production chain, including the water and carbon footprint of products, worker compensation and rights, the prices of raw materials used, as well as the winery’s relations with the local area.

President of the business  “While being acknowledged as a sustainable winery is an accomplishment that makes us proud – continues President Cescon – it does not represent an endpoint for us, but is rather part of a path with solid roots in the past."

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