Surge in Bag-in-Box sales in UK and France

Wine drinkers stuck at home during the pandemic found themselves turning to the Bag-in-Box.

TWE releases a Bag-in-Box for Halloween
TWE releases a Bag-in-Box for Halloween

The demand for Bag-in-Box wines has surged in the UK and France, according to new research.

“Research by packaging leader Smurfit Kappa, in collaboration with Wine Intelligence, found that BiB wine attracted 3.7m new consumers in France and UK during the past six months,” according to an October statement from Smurfit Kappa.

The same statement said that the growth had been driven by the pandemic, probably because people have had to do their wine drinking and entertaining at home.

Smurfit Kappa says that 12m consumers in France and 4m in the UK are BiB buyers and the company believes another 4.4m people are likely to adopt the format in the next six months.

The results are based on a survey of 2,069 consumer across the UK and France,

“The survey found four in ten potential Bag-in-Box wine buyers were under the age of 35 and would like to see smaller formats of the products,” the statement went on. “Of those who frequently purchase Bag-in-Box wine, the research found the three litres option is the most favoured Bag-in-Box wine product.”

Their research is borne out by insights from Treasury Wine Estates (TWE), who have just released a 19 Crimes BiB to coincide with Halloween.
“Insight shows that over the last two years, the Bag-in-Box category has recruited 40% more shoppers than it has lost, with new shoppers being much younger than those who have left,” according to TWE. While older shoppers buy the majority of BiB, “shoppers under the age of 44 have become much more engaged in the format.”

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