Sommelier Association Platform to Help Ukrainian Refugees Find Work

The Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) is launching a platform for employers willing to offer employment to Ukrainian refugees.

ASI Ukraine support initiative
ASI Ukraine support initiative

Many of the refugees were employed before their flight, and may might find it difficult to accept state aid after having financed their lives for years by their own efforts. The ASI team has launched an initiative to address a crucial need for Ukrainian refugees: finding a job.

If you are a wine producer/restaurant/bar/retailer/wholesaler/importer/training company, etc. willing to hire a refugee from Ukraine, you can contact the ASI HERE. They will review the job offer and post it online for job seekers. "All offers are checked by hand before they are published, so that no dubious offers appear," assures ASI Secretary General Peer Holm. 

But of course, the situation in Ukraine also requires financial support. Many members of the wine industry are already involved in their own efforts in an unusual display of international solidarity.

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